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License Rights




Standard Non-Exclusive License - $24.99
Our Standard License offers the following rights:

  • Right to record your song over the licensed beat (your recorded song shall be referred to as “Master Recording”) for the distribution of 2,500 total copies. Distribution total includes physical sales, digital downloads or a combination of the two.
  • Right to use Master Recording in for-profit live performances, shows or concerts for compensation of up to $800.
  • Right to unlimited audio streams of Master Recording.
  • Right to unlimited video streams of 1 music video synchronization with Master Recording.
  • Right to 5 radio spins of Master Recording.


Synchronization License - $79.99
Our Synch License offers the following rights: 

  • Right to use the beat or your recorded song as background music for 1 of the following for-profit mediums:  television shows, movies, websites, radio shows, video games, or background music/promo videos on a website.


*Exclusive License - $199+
Our Exclusive License offers the following rights: 

  • Right to record your song over the licensed beat (“Master Recording”) for unlimited non-profit or for-profit distribution through any medium.
  • Right to use Master Recording for unlimited shows, performances or concerts
  • Right to unlimited radio broadcasts of Master Recording
  • Right to unlimited synchronizations of Master Recording or solely the licensed beat through unlimited non-profit or for-profit mediums



(*Buying Exclusive Rights does not allow for the re-sale of solely the licensed beat. After your Exclusive License purchase, the beat will be removed from our site and we will no longer continue to license the beat.)


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