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Frequently Asked Questions

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Listed below are answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you have any further questions regarding any aspect of this website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. When I buy a beat does it still contain the "Open Minds Entertainment" vocal tags?

    No. Once you have licensed a beat, you are provided with a higher-quality MP3 and WAV version of the beat 100% tagless. Only the streaming audio versions of our beats contain "Open Minds Entertainment" vocal tags.

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  2. How do I buy a beat?

    Buying a beat at OME is safe, quick, and easy. Please follow these simple steps:

    1. Create an OME account or log-in. Browse through our large beat library by Genre, Mood or Tag.
    2. Click the “Add To Cart” button underneath the title of the beat you wish to purchase.
    3. Select the License Type that fits your needs.
    4. Select optional Add-Ons
    5. Once you are ready to complete your purchase, click on the “Checkout Now” button.
    6. Review your beat cart and fill out necessary information. You may pay by Credit Card, Pay Pal or Mail Order (Check, Money Order).
    7. Upon successful payment, you are automatically taken to your receipt page where you can Instantly Download your purchases. Beats are provided in high-quality MP3 and WAV format free of all vocal tags. Your beats will also be available to you in your account to download at any time in the future.
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  3. In what ways can I license a beat?

    We offer two main license types at OME, Non-Exclusive and Exclusive. A Non-Exclusive license allows for a number of commercial rights and uses. Our Standard Non-Exclusive License offers the ability to distribute 2,500 (digital or physical) copies of your song created using the beat. Additional rights include $800 in performance earnings, five radio spins, and audio/video streaming. We also offer a modified Non-Exclusive license called a Synchronization License. This license allows for use the beat or your recorded song as background music for forms of media that include television shows, movies, websites, radio shows, and video games. Buying an Exclusive License grants you full rights to the beat without any limitations. The beat is removed from our website and exclusive ownership is transferred over to you, the customer. For more detailed license information and a simple License Comparison chart, please visit our License Info page.

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  4. What is the difference between a Standard Non-Exclusive, Synchronization and Exclusive License?

    Please have a look at our License Info page that provides a simple comparison chart for all of our license types.

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  5. What can I do if I need to sell more than 2,500 copies but I don’t want to purchase Exclusive Rights?

    When purchasing your Non-Exclusive license, you may select our “Additional Distribution” add-on. This add-on grants the right to distribute almost double the amount of profitable/non-profitable copies (2,500 additional - 4,000 total) at a discounted price. Keep in mind that you may only purchase additional distribution to a beat once. If you feel as though you will need distribution beyond 4,000 copies, we recommend investing in an Exclusive License.

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  6. I've just purchased a beat and I would like the beat tracked-out (separated) into individual WAV files, is this possible?

    Yes. This option can be found in the “Add-Ons” step when licensing a beat. After you’ve added a beat to your cart and selected a license type, you will be presented with a list of possible Add-Ons. Select the option titled “Track Separation”.

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  7. I’m not sure if I need Track-Separation (track-outs) right now but I may need them in the future. Can I still buy them at a later date?

    Yes, if you have bought a license to one of our beats but have not selected our Track-Separation service, you may still buy these files in the future. Simply log-in and click on the “Buy Add-Ons” button in your account. You may select amongst available add-ons, including “Additional Distribution” and “Minor Customization”, from this area.

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  8. I've decided that I no longer wish to use the beat I have licensed. Do you offer a refund or exchange policy?

    Because our beats are electronically transferred and cannot be physically "returned", all sales are final. We will work with you to help resolve any difficulties you may experience related to your purchase. However, in the interest of fairness to our customers and in an effort to prevent theft, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

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  9. I'd like my beat sent to me in .WAV format, is this possible?

    Yes. After your purchase, simply log-in to your account and find your beat in the “My Downloads” area. Click on the “Download WAV” button under the beat title.

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  10. What is your free beat download policy?

    Once you’ve subscribed to our mailing list, you now have access to our free beats online. Our free beats (free downloads) may be used for any non-profitable, promotional, or personal use. Such uses include the distribution of free demos/promo cds, the showcasing of your recording online via internet streaming sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc) and live non-profit shows. For-profit use is strictly forbidden. Upon use, written credit must be given for the creation of the beat in the following format: “Produced by (Producer Name) for Open Minds Entertainment”. When you are ready to use our free beats for commercial purposes, we offer the ability to buy a license to any free beat in our library.

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  11. I’m not a music artist but I’d like to use your beats for other purposes such as videos, film or television soundtracks, can I still purchase a license?

    Sure. Our Synchronization License entitles you to use your song or the instrumental as background music for forms of media that include television shows, movies, websites, radio shows, and video games. For more details on this license type, please visit our License Info page.

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  12. If I buy a Non-Exclusive License to a beat and someone later buys an Exclusive License, do I keep my non-exclusive rights?

    Yes. You keep your non-exclusive rights to the beat even if someone later purchases exclusive rights. However, after your license has expired, you can no longer continue to use or re-license the beat. As Exclusive Licenses are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, we recommend purchasing such a license as soon as you feel like you need one.

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  13. Do I receive any discounts for purchasing more than one beat at a time?

    Yes. We continuously offer a “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” bulk deal. We frequently offer sales promotions at OME. You can check out a list of our current promotions at the top right of our website or by clicking here. Return customers that have signed up to our mailing list will receive specialized discounts. Additionally, please make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook as we occasionally offer social media exclusive coupons.

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  14. I’d like to make my purchase using MoneyGram or Western Union. Is this possible?

    We accept both MoneyGram and Western Union. Please contact us directly at so that we may assist you with these payment options.

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  15. I’ve recorded songs using your beats, could I send them to you?

    We always enjoy hearing what artists create using our beats. Feel free to share your work on our community forums for feedback.

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  16. Do you offer custom beats?

    Yes. If you are an artist or company that would like a personally designed beat based on your specific needs, please contact We accept serious inquiries only. Please expect a minimum quote of $700.

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  17. Will I be able to instantly download beats after my purchase?

    Yes. After your purchase has successfully completed, you may download the beat(s) you've licensed on your Transaction Receipt page or directly in your account at any time. Beats are provided in studio-quality WAV and MP3 format.

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  18. Can I purchase an Exclusive License to a beat I have already licensed Non-Exclusively?

    Yes. If a beat you have licensed non-exclusively is still available, you may purchase full rights to this beat directly on our website. Simply add the beat to your cart and select the “Exclusive” license.

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  19. I want to buy the Exclusive License to a beat but I won’t be able to pay the full price just yet. Can I reserve the beat?

    Yes. At OME, we offer the ability to send a Down Payment to reserve and remove the beat from our website. If you need some more time to come up with the full amount, you may pay a 35% Down Payment. The remainder must be paid within 40 days after your Down Payment has cleared. If you have selected this option, you can monitor your payment status/deadline and make payments directly from your account area. The MP3 version of this beat will be available for download after your down payment has been successfully processed. Track-Outs will be provided once the remaining balance has been received or by adding this service to your cart. Please note that the down payment fee is non-refundable. Failing to pay the balance within 40 days will result in the automatic cancellation of this transaction. Your Exclusive License will not go into effect until the full balance has been paid.

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  20. Other than the Down Payment option, do you offer any other payment plans for Exclusive Licenses?

    Monthly installment plans may be available for certain beats. Please contact us at to discuss these payment options.

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  21. What benefits do I receive by creating an account with Open Minds Entertainment?

    When you register for a free account with us, you receive the following benefits:

    • The ability to instantly download your purchased beats
    • Participate in our community forum, where you can meet other artists, ask questions, join contests and much more
    • Use our beat review system to share your thoughts on any of our instrumentals
    • Use the "myFavs" feature to create a convenient playlist and keep track of all of your favorite beats
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  22. Why should I subscribe to Open Minds Entertainment's mailing list?

    There are numerous benefits to subscribing to the mailing list:

    • Gain access to our free beats section where you can download free rap instrumentals and more
    • Receive notification of our occasional special offers and discounts, which are exclusive to mailing list members
    • Receive notification when new beats or features have been added to our site
    • Subscribers are automatically added to a random selection pool each month where one lucky winner will receive a free non-exclusive beat license.
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  23. How long has your company been in business?

    Our company was incorporated in August 2008 in the State of New Jersey. Since then, we have been a pioneering source for beats online by maintaining a high standard for quality instrumentals and a secure shopping experience. We are a PayPal Verified business and our producers are registered with the music rights management company, BMI. All of our transactions are secured by Digicert Inc., an industry leader in online security. We want you to order with confidence at OME, which is why we use Digicert’s Extended Validation SSL 2048-bit encryption designed to fully protect your personal information. In addition to our Digicert EV SSL Seal, you’ll notice that the entirety or a portion of your url address bar turns green when visiting our site. This indicates that we have chosen the very best in online security and undergone Digicert’s highest level of authentication.

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